The New Jersey Historical Society

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52 Park Place
Newark, NJ 07102-4302

The society's library has an excellent collection of published material, microfilms of New Jersey federal and state censuses (1855'85), tax rates (and published index), and so forth. The New Jersey Historical Society houses much manuscript material, including maps; cemetery, church, and military records; family Bibles; land indentures; and genealogies, as well as thousands of other original documents and papers. The society's quarterly, New Jersey History, was issued as Proceedings of The New Jersey Historical Society until 1967 (see New Jersey Periodicals, Newspapers, and Manuscript Collections). The society has also published a number of books on New Jersey history in a series of collections, many of which are mentioned in this chapter. See also Maude E. Johnson, 'Genealogical-Index to Books, Pamphlets, MSS., Etc., in The New Jersey Historical Society Library,' in the Proceedings, New Series, 8 (1923): 81-88, and 'Supplement,' 14 (1929): 129-44. A more modern guide to the society's manuscript collection is listed under Manuscripts, and the library's current director Chad Leinaweaver prepared 'Genealogical Research at the New Jersey Historical Society' for Archival Anecdotes (publication of the Friends of the Silvio O. Conte National Archives in Pittsfield, Mass.) 8 (2003): 8-11.