Sons of Spanish American War Veterans

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The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans

The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, in close cooperation with the Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans and the Daughters of '98 to carry out the principles of the organization, which are as follows.

1. Participate in the proper observance of patriotic holidays and especially "Remember the Maine" Day.

2. The Placement of flags on the graves of Veterans of the War with Spain.

3. Through the Departments, Camps and the Members-At-Large, observe the care and upkeep of Spanish American War Memorials and bring any failure to do so to the attention of the proper authorities.

4. With the assistance of the publication, "The National Son," to further inculcate the love and honor of our flag; and uphold the principals of Freedom, Patriotism and Humanity.

5. Encourage in every possible way the importance of all American history to be studied properly in schools

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