Society of the Order of the Southern Cross

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The Order of the Southern Cross was founded in 1863 as a fraternal organization to provide for the relief of disabled soldiers and the widows and orphans of those who had died in service to the Confederacy. The original founders of the Society of the Order of the Southern Cross, Lt. General Leonidas Polk, Major General Patrick Cleburne and Reverend Charles T. Quintard had hoped that the organization they were creating, 'The Order of the Comrades of the Southern Cross' would help relieve the soldier's anxieties as to the suffering of their families, enabling them to rededicate themselves once again to the great battles that lay ahead for the Army of Tennessee.

Membership in the Order of the Southern Cross is by invitation only with the recommendation of at least two current members and voted upon by the members. Members must be male descendants (direct or collateral) of any honorably serving Confederate soldier, sailor, marine or member of the civil government. Proof of descent is required, however, membership in the Military Order of the Stars and Bars, Sons of Confederate Veterans, or any other duly recognized Confederate Heritage Association may be accepted as proof of ancestry.

The Order of the Southern Cross meets annually in business session. The annual meeting is usually held in a location with strong ties to history, providing members and accepted guests with the opportunity to include historic tours and social events into the agenda.The emphasis at meetings is on fraternity and history, and every effort is made to ensure that the business conducted at these meetings relates directly to the business of this organization and the preservation of Confederate Heritage. Any other non-business meetings held are are strictly educational and social.

Today's Society of the Order of the Southern Cross serves as a philanthropic fraternal organization whose purpose is the preservation of our Southern Heritage and its history.The main vision of the Order of the Southern Cross is to provide financial assistance to qualified groups through its Grants Program and to offer scholarships through its Scholarship Fund. Thus, the OSC is continuing to honor the sacrifices of those old soldiers by helping to preserve Southern heritage and its accurate history.