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Welcome to the Wiki

The Wiki is a great place for family history education. Built on a solid foundation of genealogical reference material, the Wiki is free to read, edit, add to, and discuss.

We are now accepting registrations! Join the fun.

Also, we now have some documentation in place. Check out Help:Contents for more.

How the wiki works

A wiki is a website that is editable by anyone. For example, Wikipedia is a wiki. Because anyone can edit, update, or add articles, a wiki can tap into the strengths and experience of a community.

The Wiki is free for anyone to use.

Every change that is made is saved so if someone makes a change that turns out not to be right, it's easy to revert to an earlier version. As users make changes, they include reasons for their changes, so that others can see what happened and why. If there is ever a conflict about a change, each article has a discussion page, where users can figure out the best way to go.

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The Wiki is still in beta

What does this mean? It means that, though all the bells and whistles aren't in place, we're ready for you to take a look at what we have and even start adding your own stuff. This means a few important things:

  • You may occasionally run into some problems. If the problem keeps occurring, click Discussion on this wiki homepage and report the problem.
  • We are continuing to add more content and making changes, so keep your eye on the Recent changes page.