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Robert Charles Anderson, MA, FASG, was born at Bellows Falls, Vermont, and graduated from Harvard University, the California Institute of Technology, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, at the last of which he received an MA in history. He is a fellow and former president of the American Society of Genealogists and is co-editor of The American Genealogist.

As director of the Great Migration Study Project, he edits the Great Migration Newsletter and is the principal author of The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England: 1620'1633 (3 volumes, 1995), The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634'1635 (3 volumes to date), and The Pilgrim Migration: Immigrants to Plymouth Colony, 1620'1633 (2004). He also wrote the "Colonial English Research" chapter of The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy. Robert resides in Derry, New Hampshire.