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Using Newspapers in Family History

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Overview of Newspapers in Family History
List of Genealogical Information in Newspapers
Vital Statistics in Newspapers
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Immigration Information in Newspapers
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How to Find Newspapers
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Religious Newspapers
Ethnic and Foreign-Language Newspapers
List of Useful Newspaper Resources

This article originally appeared in "Newspapers" by Loretto Dennis Szucs, FUGA, and James L. Hansen, FASG in The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy

The following lists of works related to newspapers are extensive but by no means exhaustive. The references include research aids, identifying and locating specific newspapers with content descriptions and suggestions on use where appropriate, as well as abstracts of newspaper data.

Not every newspaper has survived the ravages of time and neglect, and not all those that have survived (at least to the present) are available for research. Those identified in the various bibliographies are those that have (in most cases) been stored in research institutions. It is entirely possible that the newspaper file you need is still sitting on a shelf (or attic) in a newspaper office, in a shed of the former editor's grandson, or is uncataloged in the basement of a library, museum, or historical society. Original research to track down those elusive resources may be necessary, but check the available bibliographic resources to be sure it is necessary.

As this chapter is concerned with American newspapers, no reference is made to British or non-U.S. foreign newspapers, American newspapers in England and elsewhere, or English-language newspapers elsewhere in the world.

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National Bibliographies

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Religious Newspapers

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Ethnic Newspapers

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Specialty Newspapers

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Newspaper Sources by State

For each state, the institution bearing primary responsibility for that state's participation in the U.S. Newspaper Program is identified. For further information and up-to-date contact information and links, check the Program website

Alabama (Alabama Department of Archives and History)

Ellison, Rhoda C. History and Bibliography of Alabama Newspapers in the 19th Century. Birmingham: University of Alabama Press, 1954.

Alaska (Alaska Historical Collections, Alaska State Library)

Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm. 1998. Online at

Arizona (Arizona State Library)

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Arkansas (Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries)

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California (Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research, University of California, Riverside)

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Colorado (Colorado Historical Society)

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Connecticut (Connecticut State Library)

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Delaware (University of Delaware Library)

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District of Columbia (Washingtoniana Division, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library)

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Florida (University of Florida, Gainesville)

Georgia (University of Georgia, Athens)

Georgia Newspapers on Microfilm at the UGA Libraries. Athens: University of Georgia Libraries, 1977.

Hawaii (Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii at Manoa)

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Hawaii Newspaper Project. Hawaii Newspapers: A Union List. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC, 1987.

Idaho (Idaho State Historical Society Library and Archives)

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Illinois (Illinois Historical Society, University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign, and Chicago Historical Society)

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Indiana (Indiana Historical Society and Indiana University, Bloomington)

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Iowa (State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City)

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Kansas (Kansas State Historical Society)

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Kentucky (University of Kentucky Libraries)

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Louisiana (Special Collections, Louisiana State University Libraries)

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Maine (Maine State Archives)

Maryland (Maryland State Archives)

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Massachusetts (Boston Public Library)

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Michigan (Library of Michigan and Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University)

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Mississippi (Mississippi Department of Archives and History)

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Missouri (University Libraries, University of Missouri-Kansas City)

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Montana (Montana Historical Society)

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Nebraska (University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Nebraska Historical Society)

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Nevada (University of Nevada-Reno)

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New Hampshire (Dartmouth College and New Hampshire State Library)

New Jersey (Rutgers University and New Jersey Division of Archives and Records Management)

Wright, William C., and Paul A. Stellhorn. Directory of New Jersey Newspapers, 1765-1970. Trenton: New Jersey Historical Commission, 1977.

New Mexico (University of New Mexico General Library)

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Stratton, Porter A. The Territorial Press of New Mexico, 1834-1912. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1969.

New York (New York State Library; on-line catalogs of newspapers in the State Library, and in other repositories at

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North Carolina (State Library of North Carolina)

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North Dakota (State Historical Society of North Dakota)

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Ohio (Ohio Historical Society)

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Oklahoma (Oklahoma Historical Society)

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Oregon (University of Oregon Libraries)

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Pennsylvania (State Library of Pennsylvania)

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Newspapers on Microform, Pattee Library, Pennsylvania State University. New ed. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Library, 1978.

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Puerto Rico (Library System, University of Puerto Rico)

Rhode Island (Rhode Island Historical Society)

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South Carolina (South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina)

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South Dakota (South Dakota State Historical Society)

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Tennessee (University Libraries, University of Tennessee-Knoxville)

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Texas (Center for American History, University of Texas)

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U.S. Virgin Islands (Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums)

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Utah (University of Utah)

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Vermont (University of Vermont Libraries, and Vermont Department of Libraries)

Vermont Newspaper Project Catalog. Available at

Virginia (Library of Virginia)

Cappon, Lester J. Virginia Newspapers, 1821-1935: A Bibliography With Historical Introduction and Notes. New York: Appleton-Century, 1936.

Washington (Washington State Library)

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Palmer, Gayle L. Washington State Union List of Newspapers on Microfilm. Olympia: Washington State Library, 1991.

West Virginia (West Virginia University Libraries)

West Virginia Newspapers: A Union List by Place of Publication. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC, 1987.

Wisconsin (Wisconsin Historical Society)

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Oehlerts, Donald E. Guide to Wisconsin Newspapers, 1833-1957. Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1958.

Wyoming (University of Wyoming Libraries)

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Guides to Indexes and Abstracts

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New England Library Association. Bibliography Committee. A Guide to Newspaper Indexes in New England. Holden, Mass.: New England Library Association, 1978.

Periodical Source Index (PERSI). Available on CD-ROM and to subscribers.

General Indexes and Abstracts

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Anastas, Walter, and Maria Woroby. A Select Index to "Svoboda," Official Publication of the Ukrainian National Association, Inc., a Fraternal Association. St. Paul, Minn.: Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1990-. Vol. 1: 1893-99; Vol. 2: 1900-07.

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Indexes and Abstracts by State

The listings for the states are only a sample of those available. Some states have had very few indexes and abstracts published, others could have their lists extended almost indefinitely. Many more are held in typescript, printout, or microform at a limited number of research institutions. Check also at websites for local libraries and genealogical societies in the area of interest.


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