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This article originally appeared in "Business, Institution, and Organization Records" by Kay Haviland Freilich, CG, CGL, and Ann Carter Fleming, CG, CGL in The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy

The following is an incomplete list of ethnic organization:

  • Fraternal Benefit Societies, 1940
  • Polish National Alliance of the U.S. of N.A., Chicago
  • First Catholic Slovak Union, Cleveland
  • Croatian Fraternal Union of America, Pittsburgh
  • Workmen's Circle, New York City (Jewish)
  • Lutheran Brotherhood, Minneapolis (Norwegian)
  • Greek Catholic Union of Russian Brotherhoods, Munhall, Pennsylvania
  • The Order of Vasa, Chicago (Swedish)
  • Workmen's Benefit Fund, Brooklyn (German)
  • L'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Amerique, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
  • Slovene National Benefit Society, Chicago
  • Western Bohemian Fraternal Association, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Verhovay Fraternal Ins. Association, Pittsburgh (Hungarian)
  • Ukrainian National Association, New Jersey
  • Czecho-Slovak Society of America, Pittsburgh
  • Sons of Italy, Philadelphia
  • Armenian Democratic Liberal Association, Boston
  • Macedonian People's League of USA, Detroit (Bulgarian)

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