Knights of the order of san jacinto

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Knights of the Order of San Jacinto

The highest honor bestowed by the Sons of the Republic of Texas is election of a member to knighthood in the Order of SanJacinto. This elite honorary organization was established in 1843 by General Sam Houston, leader of the victorious Texans at the Battle of San Jacinto. The honor is accorded those who have rendered outstanding service to Texas in keeping with the aims of the SRT. Only three members may be elected to the order in anyone year.

To be eligible for knighthood in the Order of San Jacinto, a person must be an active member, either by lineal descent or honorary, of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. In addition, he must have performed outstanding service to the State of Texas, made a sacrifice beyond the bounds of duty in her behalf, or by his talents and efforts contributed to the development of the heritage of Texas.

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