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I'm looking for information about Nancy Ann Collins who was married to John Ervin Lakey.

I'm looking for my twin sister who went to Lightsmith in 2006-2007 and took the classes the "Root Chakra" and the "Pelvic Chakra" from Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was born in Minnesota in December in 1960 and may not know about me. The dates may have been changed. There was some kind of adoption, possibly informal where a baby was given away to a couple. There are four of us. We are quadruplets, all of whom I am looking for.

Please contact Lori Wyman at or 763-754-0882.

Looking for Susan Dailey Martin Lucas

Susan was married to John M Martin on April 2, 1850 in 1865 John M Martin filed for a divorce because of her unfaithfulness to him. She then moved in the home of Charles Lucas in 1870 at which time she was still with her maiden name Susan dailey. Charles Lucas was previously married to Rachel Dalton and had several children one of them stayed with Charles in 1870 census her name is Irena Lucas married name Harris. After looking for Susan I find her in the 1880 census in Preston County West Virginia again with Charles Lucas her name changed to Sarah Lucas and their is a William age 14 years in the home. It has been told through John M Martin Civil War record through an affidavit his daughter Mollie Martin Richardson made that her mother died in Oakland Maryland. If anyone finds any information to her whereabouts please let me know.

Thank You Chris

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