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This entry was originally written by Johni Cerny, in Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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The following publications are either guides for conducting research in West Virginia or publications including hundreds of biographical sketches about early West Virginia families. Many of those sketches contain ancestral lines and family migration patterns.

  • Brown, Stuart E., Jr. Virginia Genealogical Resources. Detroit: Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, 1980.
  • Comstock, Jim. Hardesty's West Virginia Counties. 8 vols. Richwood, W.Va.: J. Comstock, 1973. Contains biographical sketches of early county residents and their families.
  • ______. West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia. 25 vols. Richwood, W.Va.: the author, 1976.
  • ______. West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia: Supplemental Series. 25 vols. Richwood, W.Va.: the author, 1976.
  • Good, Rebecca H., and Rebecca A. Ebert. Finding Your People in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Alexandria, Va.: Hearthside Press, 1988. A guide covering Berkeley, Hampshire, Jefferson, and Morgan counties in now West Virginia and Augusta, Clarke, Frederick, Pay, Rockingham, Shenandoah, and Warren counties in Virginia.
  • McGinnis, Carol. West Virginia Genealogy Sources and Resources. 1988, Reprint. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1998. This recent guide provides a county-by-county breakdown of original source material and a thorough list of microfilms available in the state's repositories (see West Virginia Archives, Libraries, and Societies).
  • Rice, Otis K. and Stephen W. Brown. West Virginia: A History. 2d ed. Lexington, Ky.: University Press of Kentucky, 1993.
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  • ______. Fatalities in West Virginia Coal Mines, 1883'1925. South Charleston, W.Va.: Stinson, 1985.
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